The Pursuit Of Pleasure

Word of God

We become so immersed and locked in the pursuit of pleasure (money, fame and the many so called good things of today’s life) that we forget there’s a deeper reason we exist. We are here for a specific reason and that reason should be at the core of everything we do. This reason goes beyond our pleasures or pains.

The reason we are all here (in this physical world) is to truly understand and know ourselves to the fullest (as singular individual consciousnesses emanating from the whole) and with this understanding show forth the light of the whole that dwells within us. But if we mistake this light for the so many materialistic things our senses want and desire, we miss the truth of our being.

The true light in us is Love. Love for the singular and Love for the whole. This Love goes beyond any physical action we may do for the singular or the whole, it goes extremely deep into the intent behind the actions we do. If I love something solely because of what I am going to gain (the pleasures it will bring to me) then my love is based on a selfish/self-centered reason, but if I love because that’s who I am deep down within me (freely, without compromise, more of what I can offer the other than what I can gain from the expression of my love) then the true light in me is exposed.

We are all naturally true light within our deepest core and we should never forget this (It’s the mechanics of the world that seems to make us change). The pressures, expectations and needs of the physical world may try to take their toll on us (try to force us to become something other than what we truly are) but we should never allow our materialistic pursuits in the world derail us from becoming and fulfilling the reason we exist. We must keep our eyes fixed and focused on the true light within us; this is our guide back home and the only thing that can propel us to becoming and manifesting the truth that’s encoded within our core (within our spirit nature).

Within our core exists true love and life (light), and this love and life is God. We are all here to show-forth the fullness of God within us. This is our true and only reason for existing.

A. A. Omoifo
Success Motivator
Empowerment Coach (CHLC).