Tech Giant Announces Breakthrough in Quantum Computing

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Australian researchers have achieved a significant breakthrough in quantum computing, successfully demonstrating near error-free quantum operations in silicon. This milestone, published in Nature, showcases operations with up to 99.95% accuracy for individual operations and 99.37% for two-qubit operations. This advancement is crucial for the development of silicon-based quantum processors that are compatible with existing semiconductor manufacturing techniques, potentially leading to quantum computers that are scalable and reliable for practical use​​.

Google is also making significant strides in quantum computing, positioning itself to be a leader in the next era of computing. The company is actively developing quantum AI, exploring next-generation medical sensors, and achieving notable scientific breakthroughs in quantum technology. Google’s efforts include the construction of a quantum AI campus and data center in Santa Barbara, California, indicating a deep commitment to quantum computing. With plans to increase its qubits to 1 million by the end of the decade, Google aims to run an error-corrected, commercially viable quantum computer. Furthermore, Google’s secretive team, Sandbox, focuses on quantum sensors and post-quantum cryptography, aiming to advance quantum technology applications in enterprise and beyond​​.

These developments reflect the broader tech industry’s accelerating pace towards achieving practical quantum computing, promising revolutionary changes in computing power and capabilities.

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