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Petit Pli; Kiddie Clothing Line by Ryan Mario Yasin petit pli

Ryan Mario Yasin, a graduate of the Royal College of Art has created a clothing line for kids called Petit Pli.

Ryan Mario Yasin’s Petit Pli is based on a pleat system that lets garments stretch “unpack” over the children as they grow. Yasin was inspired to create Petit Pli after buying clothes for his nephew which no longer fit before he could get them to him.


Yasin seeing a need for something better than what was, used his background as an aeronautical engineer to devise a set of permanent folds that let clothes ‘unpack’ when pulled, as the child moves about or gets bigger. It was also created with the hopes that the waste in the garment industry will be greatly reduced with kids clothes that last longer.


Petit Pli features a collection of waterproof and windproof outwear, sized to fit children aged 6 to 36 months.

Yasin is currently raising investment for Petit Pli and also a focusing on finding manufacturers with high ethical standards.

I would conclude that Petit Pli is a great blend of technology and fashion and an investors dream.