Skinny Is Not Sexy, Healthy Is!

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I’ve always wondered why this society we live in is so much obsessed with ladies looking really skinny all in the name of being “sexy” these days.

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To start with: I am a typical, full-blooded African man. What does that imply? You ask. Well, it’s quite simple: men like me love our women with some good pounds of fleshy curves in the right places. A little “extra cushion for the pushing”, you may call it.

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Curvy like Alex Larosa. IMAGE: Pininterest

I am however aware also that there’s currently a body image problem that transcends both genders all across the globe, as people are made to feel like having a little bit of flesh qualifies you for the tag “unhealthy”.

Sounds pretty unfortunate, right? But, the sad truth is that today’s society is seriously plagued by body image problems. Be that as it may, we do need to firmly establish one fact though: There is a difference between actually being healthy and just looking healthy.

To share the experience of Hollywood star Anna Paquin: “I think there’s also a really big difference between looking healthy and being healthy. People in this town have a weird tendency to say, if someone’s lost weight, ‘Oh my God, you look amazing.’ And you’re like, ‘I just had my tonsils out and didn’t eat for three weeks.’ Literally, I had my tonsils out last year. You’re on a liquid diet so, of course, you lose weight. But it’s not healthy.”

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This brings me to my two-point conclusion on the rave about weight loss and whether it makes you attractive, desirable, and appealing or as we say “sexy” to people around you – opposite and same sex alike.

  1. Beauty indeed lies in the eye of the beholder! Some ladies love a muscular or buff-looking man, while some like them tall and skinny. Point is: There’s no universal rule on this planet that states you have to be a particular size, shape or figure before you can be attractive and appealing to other people.
  2. Over the years, I’ve discovered that while a lot of women may get attracted to a man because he looks fit, virtually no woman would stick around if they found out he has a terminal disease, an ailment, infection or something related. Point again is: Your health is the ultimate deal-sealer or breaker when it comes to attracting and keeping anybody. Imagine walking into an office for an interview looking all fit and dapper and then you start sneezing and your nose is incessantly running because you’ve got the flu. Eeeeeewww, right? Yeah, I thought so too. There’s no greater turn off than a very good looking car with a bad engine.
  3. Beware: You could be skinny and still not be sexy or appealing at all! Being sexy is all about having the right pounds, mass and curves in the right places. I mean; well toned abs, shoulder, triceps and biceps, won’t even really show on your figure if you’re so skinny now, would it?
  4. According to ‘The Art Of Better Living’: “Healthy is being able to walk around and for people to not be afraid that they will break you because you are so thin.” Now, really – regardless your age, race, colour or gender – what could be more sexy than being with someone you’re totally comfortable around, huh?

It’s just like I mentioned earlier; everybody loves a brand new car. Why do we all grow jelly-knees and drool over them so much? Yes, the body looks fabulous and attractive and all that fleeting crap. But, for those who truly know what a car’s worth, it is the sound, capacity, feel, ability and ‘health’ of a new engine that really makes a brand new car a must-have for anyone.

new mercedes
New Mercedes. IMAGE: Topgear


In essence, being skinny is just like having a car with a good body; it’s utterly useless and unappealing without an equally good engine.

Good health is what guarantees total functionality and wellbeing of your body. It is what guarantees that you get to keep that new girl you just met and impressed with your looks.

Skinny is not, in any way in my world, sexy…healthy is!



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