Word of God

Word of God

Our traditions make the word of God ineffective.

It’s said that most of who we are is received from the information stored in our genetic material (DNA) and the unconscious programs we receive from birth to about age 10 – In other words, most of our habits, beliefs, fears, likes, dislikes, behavior and co is gotten and passed on from generation to generation through DNA, cultural and societal programming. This is what becomes our traditions:- a set way of thinking, feeling, believing and acting that’s passed from one generation to another and is now considered the norm or truth of a person or group of people.

The word of God is the power and life of God. It is the truth that goes beyond what has been inherited. It is the life that gives meaning to existence. It is the true make up of all on a deep spiritual level. This is what gives power to the expression of life. It is what gives creation the ability to become a true and exact expression of The creator:- but one must consciously seek to embody the word (the truth, power and life of God) by overriding his or her already preprogrammed information. What we truly seek we must find and become.

We must seek the truth in us to be able to understand and make use of the truth given to us. We must become totally aware of the unconscious programing we have undergone before birth (through DNA) and during our first 10years in life to be able to understand the whys of our life. This uncovering is what will bring us an awareness of our true condition, and when we are now aware of our true condition we become ready and able to break free from the stronghold of our past limited programing and allow the flow of the light (the word of God, the truth) take full charge and control of our entire being (but please note; the physical manifestation of this truth is a gradual and continues process).

We must be born again – we must be totally renewed in our mind, body and spirit – to enter into the kingdom of God – to see the glory, power and true manifestation of God in our being. We must let go of all past limiting ideas and beliefs to enjoy the fullness of the truth in us (God).

God is extremely great and we are the greatest manifestation of God on Earth.

A. A. Omoifo
Success Motivator
Empowerment Coach (CHLC).

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