Walk in Understanding

Word of God

As we go about this new work week and in life, we should always walk in understanding that all is perfect for us. Our wants, needs and dreams are already available to us within the true spectrum of life. Life already has all that we need for our existence and all we have to do is accept all that life has made possible for us, for them to become physically possible in our life.

In you resides true divine life; wisdom, power, intelligence and endless possibilities. All we need to complete our journey on earth has been made available to us from the foundation of our existence. The path and map to our true success resides within us (in our secrete place, our deeper consciousness, the true life within us). We carry the light of God (the consciousness and life of God) in us which when allowed guides us through all our experiences into our true greatness and completeness.

The life we have is divine life (Gods life), and within that life exist all the limitless possibilities that can be manifested in all levels of life. We must accept this life we have been given (this life that we are) and begin to walk in alignment with our true divine will, dreams and desires.

We must walk with the faith and belief of our true lineage (our connection and oneness with the divine life of God). We must resist all fears to embrace our true personality, potential, greatness and strengths. We came into this world perfect and that perfection is always within us (had never left us and will never leave). So it’s time to reach deep within us and begin to truly live.

Walk. Overcome. Become. Succeed.
The real you is true perfection & beauty.
We are the perfection of a divine Creator.

A. A. Omoifo
Success Motivator
Empowerment Coach (CHLC).