Things Work Together

Word of God

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

All things work for our good (the good of all creation) because we are all Gods beloved. We are all very special to God and God’s plan because we all carry an embodiment of God in us. We are all here to fulfill a specific purpose in Gods creation.

No one in existence came into this created world by mistake. There is a purpose and plan for each life, and as long as each life came in to fulfill a specific divine purpose, each life is here for God’s divine purpose. Each life has been equipped with the necessary tools to accomplish everything he/she is here to do and become. All the necessary resources have been put in place to assist each life to accomplish its purpose as he/she goes through the journey of life.

Your divine ability resides within you. It resides in the life of God in you. It resides in the spirit of God in you. It resides in the breath of God in you. It resides in the true word of God that resides in you. Seek that word, wisdom, life and power of God that already exists within your deeper soul and open up the mental door to the miraculous wonder of God in you.

You were called and created for a divine purpose, and that purpose is to show forth the magnificence of the Creator in the created (you). The only way to show your love for God is to wholly acknowledge and accept that you are an integral part of God’s divine nature, will and purpose.

Go forth and SHINE!!!!
You are God’s true beloved.

A. A. Omoifo
Success Motivator
Empowerment Coach (CHLC).