Nothing Great Or Magnificent

Word of God

Stop holding on to your regrets and so called past failures because they will only keep you in low and negative state of mind and nothing great or magnificent can be done in a low or negative state. To break boundaries and barriers, one must learn to always stay positive (stay away from negative thoughts, feelings and emotions). We must learn to keep our faith/belief constantly high by holding on to the truth we want as our reality (no matter what we presently see physically).

This physical world is sort of an illusion created in the mind (in the core of the brain). Everything you see or feel is seen and felt in the core of your brain (the mind). Your Brian receives external signals and processes those signals with the informations already stored in your memory bank (your beliefs) to create what you know as your experience (your physical reality).

You can influence your reality by influencing and adjusting your core beliefs. The degree to which you change your belief pattern (the informations stored in your mind) is the degree to which you can change and influence your experiences in life. The information you hold on to on your journey in life determines your entire life experiences and manifestations.

Stop holding on to your past regrets and so called failures and start holding on to the exact future you want. Keeps your focus on the bright and wonderful future that’s coming towards you. This is where all mental and physical strength resides.

A. A. Omoifo
Success Motivator
Empowerment Coach (CHLC).