Everything In Life

Word of God

Everything in life happens for your good but your belief matters.

There’s nothing that will ever happen or that is happening to bring you down. All that comes your way is there to teach you, strengthen you, and buildup your faith and trust in the divine power and workings of the Mind and Life behind all creation.

Creation was designed the way it is, to push out the greatness in you no matter where you are, how you are feeling or what you are doing. Every force (negative and positive) that comes our way is there to move us to a higher level of understanding which is meant to create a better person in us and direct us into our greater fulfillment.

Know that every so called disappointment or appointment is actually there to guide you to the fulfillment of your purpose, your perception is what brings in the benefit. Our perception (how we view things) is what defines the things we see and the way they affect our lives. If we see a thing as a stumbling block (a limitation), then it takes up that meaning in our life, but if we see it as an elevating block (an empowerment), then that’s what it will become.

There’s so much power in us.
We have been given the greatest power in all creation; the power of freewill (choice). What we do with it determines the experiences of our life. We can choose to believe that all that comes our way is from God (from a deep place of love) to teach us about life, show us divine truths and direct us towards the fulfillment of our purpose or we can choose to believe that the devil is the one at work in our life causing you to be limited and unfulfilled.

The choice is ours and the choice we make is what directs the affairs of our life. Every experience comes with two choices, what we choose to see and believe is what ends up becoming our true life experience.

A. A. Omoifo
Success Motivator
Empowerment Coach (CHLC).