Embody Your Perfection

Word of God

Embody Your Perfection. Humanity has become so intrigued and engulfed with materialism (the materialistic aspect of life) that we have forgotten that the main reason we exist in life is to learn about life through our interaction with life so we can all together bring life into its true fulfillment.

Life is more than the physical (it is spiritual) so to understand who we are and what we have to do, we must go beyond our physical expressions, desires and experiences.

We have become so distracted by the facade of what we think we need to get and become on the surface (the physical space) that we can no more see and embody the truth of who we truly are and our purpose.

We are constantly destroying our world and selves by our greed, desires, misconceptions and hate and the entire physical and spiritual world suffers because of it. As the crown of the Earthly creation we must understand that our thoughts and actions affect the entire creation as a whole (inanimate and animate forms). What we do in our state of reality creates a ripple that spreads out to the entire fabric of creation.

If we aim to change the present world and fulfill our reason for being, we must change our state of mind and purpose of life to align with the state and purpose of the divine Creator.

If the aim of Creator is to create a perfect creation, we must then learn to embody this same aim by embodying our perfectness (which is the perfectness of the Creator) in order to bring about the completeness of the Creators perfect creation.

Our role in the scheme of things is extremely important. We are the direct descendants of the infinite in a finite world. We are the tools through which the Creator structures and perfects the creation. We are the creation as well.

We must let go of our misconceptions and begin to embody the truth that we are. We are all an offshoot of one, coming together to build something great, wonderful and perfect. Only through our love for each other would we ever be able to attain the great perfectness, potential and power that dwells within us and that is necessary for the completeness of creation.

It’s time to come together. It’s time to play our specific role in creation. It’s time to move the perfect into its perfection. We are all part of the perfect whole.

A. A. Omoifo
Success Motivator
Empowerment Coach (CHLC).