Dear Artist, it is more than a game of numbers on social media

Social media has eaten deep into our lives that some of us literally do things just to look cool here it has turned us to teachers, philosophers, activists, prostitutes and criminals, I mean it has made some businesses and it has ruined some. But in all of these, social media is still by far the coolest invention. It has built a bridge longer than 3rd mainland Bridge, and for artists and business owners this by far one of the most important marketing tools.


Before now we use to use social media to determine how successful a brand was, I mean the more likes you have the more successful we think you are, then came the companies that could manipulate your numbers and sale you followers, we became less interested in numbers, and began to look at interactions and how well you engage your audience, I will give you an instance a friend of mine who is an artist has a fan page with about 20k followers they are numbers but no interaction and engagements and Onyeka Nwelue has less than that with a very active account, and engagement massive , who will I rather endorse or use his page to advertise my product? Off cos you know the answer. 

Dear Artist you and your PR team need to understand that is has gone beyond buying followers to interaction and engagement. 
You can’t be fooling us again.


Written By: Mazi Oguejiofor