Top 5 video games recommended for a first date


Every guy has had a few first dates that they totally screwed up. Yes, it’s happened to even the smoothest and most charming guys you know, so there’s really no need to fret or burst your balls anytime it happens to you.

That being said though, you also need to pull all strings within and without your reach to ensure you don’t screw up that next first date with that special someone making your heart flutter. After all, you only get one shot at making a good first impression, right?

Being on a date is mostly about getting to know each other and letting the other person into your world. So, whether you’re more of a geek who loves keeping to himself or just another regular guy that loves the world of video games and animations, we’ve got a few video games for you to share with that special someone on your first date.

Fingle for iPAd.

Top video games site Kotaku puts it this way: “You’re on a first date. It’s going pretty well. You’ve had a good time talking; you’re both laughing a lot. You’re feeling the vibe. Ordinarily, video games probably wouldn’t enter into the equation here. But Fingle, an IGF-nominated iPad game from Game Oven, is the exception.


Fingle is a flirty, fun iPad game for two players that works a bit like a game of Twister for your hands. The best thing about the game is how it toys with the intense energy of hand-holding without forcing its players to actually hold hands. As anyone who has held hands in public knows, it’s not so much the act as the duration that makes hand-holding the prolonged, giddy (occasionally awkward and panic-inducing) rush that it is.

Think about it: You would never hold hands on a first date. Which is what makes Fingle so perfect as a romantic ice-breaker—you aren’t holding hands, you’re just playing a video game! It’s a bit closer to the heartbeat-increasing “accidental” contact that often happens on first and second dates, when your leg bumps up against the other person’s in the movie theater or your hands brush on the train.”

Candy Crush.

There’s definitely got to be this game on the list of video games to share on a first date. Okay, so it’s kind of awkward enough to even be thinking of video games, but you could actually score a few points with a lot of girls these days by, not only letting her know you dig Candy Crush too, but also playing it with her on your tablet or mobile.


According to recent researches, one out of every five ladies you meet has Candy Crush on their gadgets, and do play it from time to time. It really wouldn’t be a bad idea to throw it in the mix if an opportunity presents itself.

Nintendo World.

According to What Culture, most games on the Nintendo franchise are equally good to try with that special someone on your first date. “Fight your way through hordes of enemies as an Archer and Swordsman in The Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda

Battle Quest or help your loved one return to their ship on a deserted planet in Pikmin Adventure. Alternatively, act as the ghost in Luigi’s Ghost Mansion and scare the daylights out of your beau, or try to escape avoid getting caught by them as you steal fruit in Animal Crossing: Sweet Day.”

All sounds like a sweet alternative to just mopping at her pretty face all evening now, doesn’t it?

Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter.


Yes, a combat game would also do just fine. Pitching your fighter against hers would get both of you excited and all over each other in no time, as long as you let her win virtually all the duels though. And, if you’re so lucky to be hanging out with a chick that could actually kick your butt on the consoles, then you truly are blessed indeed. There should never be a dull moment in your lives together.


Fable is a series well-known for its odd sense of humor and fantasy adventure motif, but it also makes a great multiplayer experience. Exploring the word of Albion is made so much more fulfilling with the one you love by your side.

Fable 3

Fable 3 is the story of a prince or princess who has been forced out of the Kingdom by their evil brother. The player then has to start a revolution, overthrowing their brother and restoring good to the land. There are numerous side quests and mini games to change up the pace of the game. The story is generally light-hearted, almost to a fault, but that keeps the players from feeling too bogged down.

Fighting hordes of monsters, uncovering sinister truths and saving the world is not only quite a bit easier with a partner, but also a lot more fun. To sweeten the deal, the Fable games allow you to marry your significant other and start a family, and even buy and decorate a house together,” says What Culture.

There you have it. These top five video games could help you make a great first impression on that first date, and probably get you a shot at actually being with the lady of your dreams. So, why not give it a shot, won’t you?

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